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Numerous ways lead to Hoonhay Valley Lodge! The easiest (not necessarily the very shortest) route takes the following way:

Take Colombo Street towards the Port Hills Sydenham, Beckenham and Cashmere
Colombo Street is the main road through the centre of the city (Square) going north / south.

Follow Colombo Street right to the end at the foot of the hills. Turn right at the Roundabout into Cashmere Road towards Halswell, Princess Margaret Hospital

You now stay on Cashmere Road following mainly the foot of the hills and the “Heathcote River”

At 1.2km from that first Roundabout you pass “Princess Margaret Hospital” on your left and at 3.1km the turn off to the hill suburb of Westmorland. 300m further on, watch out for and take the turnoff to the left into
Cashmere Road < Halswell Quarry Park
Note that the main traffic flow goes straight on into Hendersons Road and away from Hoonhay Valley Lodge!

If you have not missed the turn off you will arrive at Hoonhay Valley Lodge after another 1.2km on your right just before the intersection with Hoon Hay Valley.

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